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Creative Technology Projects

the last letter game with countries

react, d3 - July 2017
a twitter bot that predicts wojbombs

scikit-learn, node.js - July 2017
a twitter bot that le's all the things

node.js - May 2017
a twitter bot that generates sf neighborhoods

node.js - June 2017
an emoji map of san francisco

html & css — September 2016
gridmaps and animated gifs

d3.js — June 2016
using machine learning to predict the gop primary

Python, scikit-learn, d3.js — May 2016
using tweets to track campus protests

d3.js, Leaflet, Django, Twitter API — December 2015
the 2015 time p.o.t.y. candidates weren't diverse

d3.js — November 2015
california students don't move away from home

Adobe Illustrator — December 2013

Interactive Data Visualization

/r/nba user survey 2017

d3.js — June 2017
nba margin of victory

d3.js — February 2016
the importance of examining your data

d3.js — February 2017
travel paths of college football teams

d3.js — January 2017
how to find primes quickly

d3.js — July 2016
how income and place play into uc berkeley admission

Python, d3.js, Google Places API — June 2016
a fun little celebration for pride

d3.js — June 2016
what can we find out about live music in cities

Python, d3.js, Songkick & Echonest APIs — Aug. 2015
comparing a best restaurants list on yelp

d3.js, Python, Yelp API — December 2015


Phono del Sol Music Festival (Berkeley B-Side)

Nikon D3300, 35' lens — July 2016

Tactile Projects

creating a map out of subway smart cards

Nikon D3300, 35' lens — ongoing


corporate imperialism (starbucks in prague)

Tumblr — ongoing