Jay Mahabal - Portfolio
This is a collection of the personal projects I've built. Most recently I've been interested in twitter bots and machine learning.
Twitter Bots
Gender Diversity in Movies (Aug. 2017)
On a movie's release date this bot posts a bar chart of the cast member breakdown by gender. People can also request a specific movie by @-ing the bot with the title.
Wojbomb Predictor (July 2017)
Adrian Wojnarowski is a prominent basketball reporter known for breaking news. This bot uses Woj's past tweets to generate a model that can predict the popularity of any of news he breaks, useful for only being updated on the truly important stuff.
Generated San Francisco Neighborhoods (June 2017)
Realtors will sometimes rename less-desirable neighborhoods (such as KoNo for Koreatown Northgate) in order to attract more buyers. This bot generates a portmanteau'd new neighborhood in San Francisco and then maps its location.
Emoji Map (Sept. 2016)
We use mental maps everyday, guiding our journey across space. Locations are not just physical but also emotional. I mapped the Bay Area, condensing the vibrancy and diversity of the city into emoji form.
Travel Paths of CFB teams (Jan. 2017)
While they don't always literally fly, the flight paths college football teams make a beautiful spiderweb over the country.
California Students Stay Close to Home (Dec. 2013)
With the exception of UCLA and UC Berkeley, the home county of each University of California campus sent the majority of its UC-attending students there; students tend to stay near home.
Data Visualization
Examining Your Data (Feb. 2017)
Sometimes your dataset can have hidden patterns. That's one of the reasons why exploratory data visualization and analysis is necessary.
The Sieve of Eratosthenes (July 2016)
One way to find primes numbers is by using an algorithm called the Sieve of Eratosthenes. It was difficult for me to understand at first, so I built this to hopefully make it easier for others.
/r/NBA Survey (June 2017)
I visualized correlations for the 2017 /r/NBA fan survey.
NBA Margin of Victory (Feb. 2017)
The Golden State Warriors hadn't just been winning, they had been winning by huge margins.
SMS-Based Grocery List (Oct. 2017)
I used Twilio, Firebase, and AWS Lambda to create a grocery list application. My roommates and I can all text a phone number and work off of the same, editable list.
Personal Website of Valerie Law (Feb. 2018)
I designed and built Valerie's personal website, including setting up the domain and deployment pipeline.
Iceland (Oct. 2017)
This is a blog post about my visit to Iceland, an amazingly beautiful country. To create this I wrote a helper shell script that allowed me to convert Markdown to HTML, resize photos, and deploy all in one go.
Phono del Sol (July 2016)
I took photos for the Berkeley B-Side, a Berkeley-based music publication.
Instagram (ongoing)
Whenever I take photos I try to post them to Instagram.